Day 279 – Raspberry Lemonade Beverage

Lesson learned: Follow directions.

The only problem here was that there weren’t really directions to follow. All I had to guide me were the few words in the bottom of the pin: “raspberry simply lemonade, malibu rum, ice and blend. omgggggg” which is not very descriptive.

I sent the husband to the store and asked him to buy the raspberry lemonade. He called me and asked if I wanted Simply Lemonade or the Tropicana version that had less sugar and calories. I am always up for saving some calories (and some money…this one was cheaper), so I went for the Tropicana.

I am not very experienced with making mixed drinks, so I just kind of guessed. I added a bunch of ice and some rum and poured in some lemonade and gave it a blend. It looked pretty good, but when I tasted it, it seemed watered down. Probably too much ice. Not enough rum. But it wasn’t really good enough for me to want to waste more rum, so I just quit on it and made Pina Coladas. Later in the evening, I tried the raspberry lemonade by itself and realized that that was probably the culprit. That stuff is not really all that good. Give me the sugar and the calories! Perhaps if I had used Simply Lemonade like the pinner suggested, I wouldn’t have needed to dump it down the drain.

Total cost: $somewhere around 5 (The lemonade was @2.50 and I used about half, Coconut Rum was $13.99 +$8billion in MD liquor taxes, but there is still a lot of that left, and the ice was $1.50)


2 thoughts on “Day 279 – Raspberry Lemonade Beverage

  1. Here’s a tip from an experienced drinker. haha. Add a packet of sweet and low and only about one large drinking cup full of ice. Any real fruit that you have would add flavor, too. I can tell by looking that you had way too much ice. OK…hope this helps!! Have fun and drink responsibly. 🙂

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