Day 278 – Text Dependent Question List

This has been one fancy Friday night in my household. I went to the gym, had dinner at home, got in the shower, did some laundry, and planned a reading lesson.

WARNING: Nerdy Teacher Stuff Ahead…

While I was at the gym, I found this pin that helps guide teachers to think of text dependent questions (TDQ). Since I needed to plan a lesson sometime this weekend, and I wanted to get done before the weekend really started, I decided to use it tonight to help me think of questions to ask the class.

This whole TDQ thing is pretty new to me since Common Core has been introduced, and I think I like it. I will let you know my official opinion once we really get into it…maybe sometime next year. I thought that this list would help me think of questions to go with the difficult novel that we are reading in class, but as it turns out, it is a little easier for me to just think of questions that come to me as I am reading. I tried to read the examples given on the sheet and create questions for my novel, but it was much more time consuming. Many of my own questions fit the categories in some way anyway, and I think it is pretty successful (probably because I have a wonderful Reading Resource Teacher that has really prepared me to teach Common Core!) It was nice to have this list to remind me to have a focus, and it is also nice to know that I am pretty decent at coming up with appropriate questions to ask students while they are reading.

Total cost: $0


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