Day 275 – Peroxide Mixture to Whiten Whites

White clothes. They can be really pretty. Or they can be that color that resembles the kid in your class who pulled his clothes out from under the pile of dirty laundry.

It seems like now, more than ever before, I have a few white shirts that I really like. Unfortunately, the more you wear white things, the more you wash them. Then the more you look like that kid…

I have one white shirt that I really love. The people I work with are probably getting tired of seeing me wear it. I wanted to try this whitening technique out on that shirt, but I was afraid something would go terribly wrong and it would be ruined. So instead, I tried it out on a basic white t-shirt that I have stopped wearing for the most part because of its dinginess.

I mixed equal parts of Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Then I sprinkled in a bit of baking soda for extra scrubbing capacity. That’s what the original pinner did. I did not measure, and I am thinking that this would have worked the same whether or not there was baking soda in it or not.

Then I used a scrub brush that was dipped in the solution and scrubbed at the shirt. It was really hard to scrub the shirt because it kept sliding all around and the solution kept soaking into the fabric. Finally, I just dumped some onto the shirt while I was standing over the sink and I just rubbed it all in like I was hand washing it. Then I rinsed it all out and threw it in the washing machine.

Surprisingly, this was very successful! As I was scrubbing with that brush, I was thinking about telling you that it was totally not worth it and you should just buy yourself a new white shirt. Now that I am done, I would say you should give this a try if you need to whiten your whites.

These pictures don’t do it justice. The paper is there to give you reference to its whiteness…



Total cost: $0


2 thoughts on “Day 275 – Peroxide Mixture to Whiten Whites

  1. My mother-in-law got a spot on her white shirt so she tried using diluted bleach water to get it out. Unfortunately, when she washed the shirt, somehow it got brown spots and blotches all over it. I decided to give this a try today and it worked great. I could see the shirt whiten as soon as the mixture touched the shirt. Although it did not get the original stain completely out, it did lighten it. The shirt is saved from the garbage can.

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