Day 270 – Dryer Sheet to Remove Deodorant Marks

After years of wearing deodorant, I have learned the lesson of putting it on AFTER I put on my shirt. Otherwise, almost inevitably, I will get marks on my shirt. It’s like I don’t know how to put a shirt on any other way than by rubbing my underarms all over the place.

Today, after I had gotten fully dressed, I decided to change my shirt at the last minute. I did the switcheroo and almost immediately, I regretted it. Those darn deodorant marks were lurking along the side of my shirt and I really did not want to switch back. I remembered something about rubbing a dryer sheet on the marks would get them off. They were pretty light marks (my deodorant is clear, but you know how that works…it is clear until it hits something like cloth, and then it turns white-ish), but I grabbed a dryer sheet from the box and lightly rubbed it on there. It kind of left a bit of a white mark on top of the light mark that was already there. I think it muted the deodorant though, but now I had a smudge on my shirt. I rubbed at it with my hand for a few seconds, and it all went away.

Upon further reading after this mostly unsuccessful project, it turns out that I should have used a USED dryer sheet. That probably would have eliminated that annoying white smudge thing. Maybe I need to give this a try again the right way the next time I forget how to put a shirt on.

Total cost: $0


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