Day 266 – Picture Hanging Technique

Hanging a cluster of pictures can be quite tricky. Do you have them arranged in the correct design? Are they equidistant from each other? Are there too many gaps? When executed correctly, it can be wonderful, but if one or more of the components is out of whack, you have a mess. You want people to see them and think they look cohesive and adorable…you don’t want them to think about how you should have put that 5 x 7 a few inches higher and that there is too much space between the two on the left.

Today, my husband put together a lovely montage of photos for his mom to hang on a blank wall in her house. To assist, I traced each frame onto paper, and marked where the hanger was. Then we taped the pictures to the wall and arranged them how we wanted them. I measured and adjusted and then he did the manual labor of nailing. We ripped the paper off, and hung the pictures.

It was almost a flawless plan and in theory it should work perfectly…if you can measure. Apparently I measured one spot to be 2 inches when it should have been 3. That threw off one of the other pictures, so we needed a few extra holes in the wall. Thankfully, the holes are covered by the frames.

In the end, I think it worked out well. Definitely useful when hanging more than one picture in a group on the wall.

Total cost: $0 for the hanging part


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