Day 265 – Recreating an Old Photo

I first heard about this wonderful idea from the show, Modern Family. If you haven’t watched that show yet, you definitely need to. Claire and Mitchell wanted to recreate a photo from when they were children in the tree house in their old backyard. They even wore outfits just like the ones from their old picture. Hilarity ensued, and their picture was unsuccessful. Thankfully, today’s effort worked like a charm.

Back in 2001, my cousin graduated from high school and all of the cousins made the trek to Ohio to celebrate. While we were there, we took this fun picture:

It has been 12 years since we have all been under the same roof, so naturally, it seemed important that we have a photo shoot. We saw this old picture sitting on the piano at my parents’ house, and we thought it would be great to try a re-do. Unfortunately, that scrawny kid on the top is now 5’10” and 175 pounds, so I would imagine a collapse of sorts would happen if we were somehow able to hoist him up there. Also, we had a pregnant lady and it just seemed a little dangerous.

Instead, we faked a pyramid on the porch steps. It is fun to see how we have all changed through the years.

Total cost: $0


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