Day 263 – Negative Calorie Foods

Now I am not actually trying to lose weight, but I think everyone has those problem areas they would like to tighten up. We all like to see that number on the scale drop, even just a little. I go running and spend a few hours a week at the gym to keep my heart healthy and it doesn’t hurt that it helps get some of those calories off, but if I was trying to lose actual weight, I would be an extreme failure.

At any rate, it is always good to know foods that have zero calories.

Zero calories?!

Why yes, I said zero. Apparently these foods are zero calories when you factor in the amount it takes to digest them.

Today I had some blueberries and I am here to tell you there is a flaw in this whole zero calorie thing…

During my planning period today, I was quite hungry, so I pulled out a container of blueberries that were left over from my lunch. It felt good to have such a healthy snack, knowing that I was anti-oxidating while I planned some math.

And then, approximately 1 minute before I had to jet out to get my students, I realized that I was STARVING! I had just eaten a bunch of blueberries and I was so hungry I could have probably eaten an entire meal. So instead, I had a piece of a very non-zero calorie Peppermint Patty as I walked to get my class.

Zero Calories?

Not if you have to eat a snack after your snack to not be hungry!

Total cost: Somewhere less than $1.98

**PS: I still love blueberries and they are a wonderful addition to a MEAL!**


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