Day 261 – Cupcake Mother’s Day Card

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. You only have 5 days to get your mom something great! To help the kids in my class give their mom something great, I am going to force them to write a paragraph, note, poem, something more than 1 sentence…to their mom. To make this project more enjoyable, I have found this cute cupcake card that they can make.

The original pinner wanted me to buy it from Teacher’s Pay Teachers. Since I do not believe in buying things that I can make myself, I made one myself. Hers had the saying “You’re The Sweetest Mom,” which is great and all, but this year more than ever, I have a lot of kids without moms. I created mine where they can write whoever they want to under the words or else they can leave it blank, which would be perfectly suitable too.

I found a cupcake template online by Googling “Cupcake Template.” Then I cut it out and traced it onto a piece of paper. I literally cut and pasted the words onto the top of the front cupcake. I know that cutting and pasting is old technology, but it seemed faster than trying to do it on the computer.


Now I just hope I can squeeze some time into the day to have the kiddos complete this before Friday…

Total cost: $0 (a $2 savings!)


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