Day 258 – Silver Lining’s Playbook

Today I had the opportunity to watch Silver Lining’s Playbook. It was a wonderful movie and I completely agree with the fact that it was nominated for so many awards. Mental illness is something that is overlooked in our country and comes with such a stereotype, that it was nice to see it brought to light.

I had (have) a lot of work to get done today, so I took some time to do some computer work while watching the movie. On a working break, I decided to peruse Pinterest to try to find some sort of project that I could get done in between work. Everything I was finding was so detailed and messy and I just did not have the time or energy for it. I was thinking to myself “I wish there was a Silver Lining’s Playbook pin…”

(the word literally is overused a lot…sometimes people say it when they really mean figuratively…in the next sentence, I mean literally…)

Literally, the next pin I looked at was from Silver Lining’s Playbook. Bam. Pinterest Project complete!

*Spoiler Alert* This pin may or may not give away some of the movie…click at your own risk.

Total Cost: $something a month for Netflix subscription


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