Day 255 – Folding a Chip Bag

Sometimes when I am not planned ahead, I have to search my Pinterest boards for something great to do. That happened tonight, and I stumbled on this humorous site about 22 Things You’re Doing Wrong. There are some really neat things on there, like origami folding your chip bags.

It worked out conveniently that we happened to have an open bag of chips sitting on our counter at the very moment that I decided to do this project (it had only been there for a few minutes…it wasn’t so gross or anything). Ordinarily, I would diagonally fold the bag corners in and then fold it over a time or two and secure it with a chip clip. This folding method was similar, but instead of securing it with a chip clip, you fold it inside out to keep the folds together.

It is a cute and helpful method if you are in a pinch, but it took me 6-7 tries to get it right. The chip clip that I had next to the bag would have been much faster.

Total cost: $0


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