Day 254 – Washcloth Elephant

I saw this oh-so-adorable washcloth elephant and I knew that I had to make it for the future babies that will be born this year. I got so excited for it that I bought a pack of washcloths and everything.

Baby washcloths are a little pricey when you are not actually intending on using them for washing a baby. I managed to find a 4 pack hanging on one of those hangers that always hold random things for people to make an impulse buy. The sign said $0.98, so I figured that was way better than $7 for 5. When I got to the counter, they rang up as $0.25! Hooray! This project is almost free!

And then I got home and looked at the pin and realized that in order to make the very cute washcloth elephant, you had to pay $3.99 to download a 13 minute video. NO THANK YOU. I will just search the internet and make my own washcloth elephant thank you very much.

And then all of the ones I could find online were not nearly as cute and they took 2 washcloths. The pack that I bought had 4 of different colors, which meant I would need to buy 1 more pack so I could have 2 of the same color. So when my husband went to the store, I sent him to get 1 more pack. He kindly bought 2 more packs since they were so cheap, just to be sure that I had 2 of the same color in case the ones he bought did not match the one I already had.

Tonight, as dinner was cooking, I thought I would quickly get started on this little thing. I mean the workers on the cruise lines make 50 of these a day, so it clearly can’t take all that long…

About 45 minutes later, I decided this project was crap. If you want the very worst tutorial, click here, because I could not make any sense out of these directions. Finally, I decided to just look at the picture and try to come up with it on my own. All of these attempts landed me at this lovely little creature:

Which was so unstable that I was able to blow him over big bad wolf style…

Sorry babies…no washcloth elephants for you.

Total cost: $0.75

Anyone need baby washcloths? I now have 12!


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