Day 252 – Binder Cover

As the saying goes, I have been feeling the need to keep up with the Joneses.

I co-teach with two wonderful teachers every day and I like to think that we are doing an awesome job of educating our wild corral of kiddos. We have been preparing to teach a new novel unit, and it is a little daunting to say the least. To keep all of my things organized, I found this random old empty binder on my shelf. It was kind of ugly and slightly broken, but it worked.

A few days later, S showed up with the most beautifully organized binder that I have ever seen. It was pretty and new and had a lovely cover. I had immediate binder envy. I decided to take the teacher binder that I created at the beginning of the year (and hardly use) and do a little switcheroo. Now my “teacher binder” is ugly, but I will hardly be looking at it. My novel binder, which I will be using daily, is currently adorable.

I downloaded this chevron pattern and tweaked it a little in Word. Then I made a gray rectangle to mat the picture of the cover of our novel. Now if only this adorable binder will magically help our kids understand this terribly difficult (yet interesting and informative) novel…

Total cost: $0

Click here to download this fun cover…

Give Me Liberty Binder Cover


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