Day 251 – Easy Nail Polish Application

Coming up with a title for today’s project was a struggle. I would not really call this method “easy” as the title suggests. My actual title would be something like:

Smearing Glue Around the Edge of Each Nail to Make it Easier to Peel Off the Smudgy Mess-up Painted Spots.

But I thought that got a bit wordy.

It was messy, but pretty successful. I had one spot where I got some glue on my nail so when I went to peel the glue off, it took the paint with it.
The peeling part was kind of fun at first, but by the end I was tired of it. I was in the car, so peeling was the only option. I found that when I washed them with soap and water, the rest of the gunk came off.
It was good for a situation like today when I had to paint my nails before I went to a wedding. I can’t say that I would do this every time, but it worked well for today.



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