Day 250 – Caterpillar Onesie

I am loving this making baby stuff thing. There are so many adorable ideas on line and this is my latest favorite!

I sewed a few buttons in the shape of a caterpillar and added some antennae. Before I knew it, I had one cute onesie sitting beside me on the couch. It was quite a quick project except for the antennae part. I was unsure of how to execute this, but I really thought I could make it up. I couldn’t. I googled “french knot tutorial” and came up with this site that really helped me. After a few tries, I got it (mostly) right.

One lucky pregnant lady that I know will be getting this within the next few months…will it be you?


Total cost: $4.42, but half of that cost is from the small package of buttons I had to buy…can you believe my grandmother’s button box did NOT have any of these colors?!? If you count the price per button, I bet it is a whole lot cheaper.


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