Day 249 – Pancake Muffins

Sometimes you see things on Pinterest and they seem like great ideas. Then you execute them and you realize how not every idea is a great one.

This one happens to be a mediocre one.

I mixed up some pancake batter according to the directions. It turns out I only had 1 cup left, so that was all I could make. Then, like the picture, I sprinkled some chopped strawberries across the tops. The pin had directions written in the comment section, but it did not lead to an actual website. I figured I would give it a try. I baked a tray of mini muffins and they turned out alright. The strawberries kind of look ugly now, and they are only right on top. I think it would be better if they were all throughout the whole muffin. The overall flavor is kind of plain, as pancakes usually are. The strawberries add a nice kick, but I wish there were more.

Total cost: 40-50 cents total.



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