Day 248 – Biography Graphic Organizer

My last guided reading group of the day had just four students in it for the majority of the school year. Then, last week, one of those students moved, so we were down to three. Reading doesn’t come easily for these guys, so sometimes we have to do things unconventionally to get them to identify important information from the text. We have made text feature booklets and main idea and details organizers in the past, just to hope that some of the information that I teach will sink in and stick with them at a later date.

Yesterday we finished reading a biography of Marina Silva. (Never heard of her? Neither had I.) They were able to recall some facts from memory, but when I asked what a biography was, no one could really tell me. I figured they needed to help to get an understanding of how a biography is organized. This little graphic organizer that I found on Pinterest showed the basics of what is included in a biography. They were able to pull out much more information while we filled out this organizer than when we were just discussing things.

Here is what we created together:

Total cost: $0


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