Day 246 – Dollar Store Cake Stand

When I found this idea, I knew I wanted to make it because it sounded so simple and looked so pretty (and useful). I went to the dollar store and got a goblet and a glass plate that would match together to make a pretty cake stand. The Pinterest people spray painted theirs, and I fully intended on doing that until I saw how nice the plain glass looked. I liked it so much, I bought enough to make two. Then when I got home, I started to ponder how to glue glass together. After a simple search online, I realized that some glue products boast that they glue glass together. Others said “not recommended for glass.” I went to the store and found some glue that said it would bond glass, so I brought it home and gave it a try.

Currently, it is in the process of trying to work. I can’t exactly promise you that this glue is successful yet. It said to give it an hour, but I am here to say that after an hour, it is still as wet looking as it was at the beginning. Surprisingly, I even read the directions on the back of the package and followed what it said to do for fusing glass to glass. Maybe by the morning it will be nice and stuck.

Until then, here is a picture of the two that I have not yet glued…


Total cost: $2 per cake stand (I had a gift card for the glue)


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