Day 244 – Colored Bubbles Painting

A few years ago, I bought some Crayola Colored Bubbles. BIG MISTAKE! We took them outside and within a few seconds the kids looked like they were part of a murder scene. The bubbles were dark pink and they splattered all over their faces and clothes. What’s worse was that they did not immediately wash off of their skin and they were headed somewhere after they left our house.

I absolutely love Crayola products. One of my favorite games to play is Guess the Crayola Crayon Color. I am surprisingly good. I get the browns mixed up. Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Mahogany…they all look too similar to me!  Unfortunately, I think the creative developers jumped a little too fast at these bubbles. When I saw them on the shelf in Target, I jumped too quickly as well. I bought them when they first came out. Since then, I think enough people have complained so now their website boasts how they are “outdoor” colored bubbles (can you imagine this mess inside your house?) and now they mention how the color “Magically rub[s] off skin.” Sadly, I will never find out how they work because I will never be buying them again. I will stick to all of the other wonderful crayola things like markers and paint and crayons and Crayola Wonder products.

Instead, today I made my own colored bubbles with food coloring so Alyssa and Nick could make a painting. This pin showed how food coloring added to bubbles would pop on white paper, making a beautiful art project. We made some red, green, blue and yellow bubbles and headed outside to “paint.”

We set 4 plastic bowls of bubble solution on a table and within a matter of seconds, the green tipped over from the wind and spilled everywhere. The bubbles blew around everywhere EXCEPT onto the paper, and Alyssa got annoyed so she just started chasing them around the yard. I think this would be a successful project on a non-windy day, but in the end, all of our bubbles blew over and spilled into the grass.

We did manage to get a few bubbles to land on the paper:

Total cost: $0


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