Day 243 – Folding a Bath Towel

I always felt like I had a leg up on this task, so whenever I saw someone say that this is how you should fold a bath towel, I scoffed. Surely my way is better.

Years and years ago before the days of Pinterest, my mom and I saw something about how rolling your towels makes more space than folding them. In those days, I believe that we simply folded the towels in half and then in half the opposite way, and tossed them onto the closet shelf. Rolling the towels was definitely more effective and space-saving than that. But was it better than the tri-fold?

I stumbled upon this lovely Australian woman who made a tutorial about how to fold them. I kind of already knew how to do this (I mean, really, it is a towel…how hard can it be?) but I was wondering if it was more space-saving than the rolling way.

When my towels are rolled, I can fit 8 on one shelf. When my towels are tri-folded, I can fit 8 on one shelf. It is truly about the same. There may be slightly more space with the tri-fold way because I noticed about 3 inches of space off to the side where I can now store some extra washcloths. Also, it does look pretty nice, but it could just be because it is different and everything is carefully placed. I will give this way a chance for a while and see if it is practical for my everyday life.


Also, I do have more towels than this that go in that empty space you see, but they are dirty. I probably have way more towels than 2 people need.

Total cost: $0


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