Day 241 – Pandora Workout Stations

Back in the olden days, I would go running with my mp3 player on my arm and my phone in my hand. I mostly carried my phone so I could call for help just in case I got kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet, but now I run with my phone as my mp3 player as well as a GPS tracker so I know how far and fast I have run. (Also, if I get kidnapped, I figure someone will be able to track my GPS and find me…always be prepared…right?)

Unfortunately, I have not yet put any good music on there, so I use Pandora when I run. The past few times, I have just used my “quick mix” which includes quite an interesting set of music. There is Casting Crowns and David Crowder Band mixed with Fun. and Wicked Radio, which plays show tunes and some Disney music. It makes for great singing-in-the-shower music, but sometimes those slower songs come on and they really do not motivate me to keep it pumping on the running trail.

Today, I played the station “Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout.” It was nice fast paced music, but the second song that came up was really annoying (thankfully Pandora has the thumbs down button). Also, it played Party Rock Anthem twice, which was strange since I was only out there for 31 minutes. I am interested to see what other things might come up on this station the next time I run.

I have set a little goal for myself to be able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Usually I take 32-33 minutes, but I have never broken that 30 minute barrier (The first official 5k that I ran was part of the Baltimore Running Festival in 2008 and I got my official time that said 29:57, so I was pleased to have broken 30 minutes…and then I got an email that said they apologized, but the starting line was placed incorrectly and it should have been 700 feet further back…so I doubt I would have actually cleared 30 minutes with that dumb extra bit added on.) With this Pandora station (and monitoring my speed on the Map My Run app), I ran faster than I have, possibly ever. I think that the fast paced music helped my legs keep pumping with the beat. Let’s see if it has the same effects the next time I run…

Total cost: $0

(sorry for my overuse of parentheses)


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