Day 239 – Clearing Ink off of a Container

In 2008, Americans generated more than 76,000 tons of waste in the form of containers and packaging. Less than half of that was recycled. We have a major waste problem here people. I am not really an over the top “save the earth” person, but anyone can tell that something has got to change. The average person generates 4.5 pounds of waste a day. Recycling may be a tiny bit of extra work (even for people who live in the middle of nowhere like me. We have to collect our recycling and TAKE it to a recycling center (or my parents’ recycling bin) and separate it ourselves.) but it is definitely worth it to leave less crap collecting on our earth.

That was the public service announcement to introduce tonight’s Earth-friendly project.

I cleaned the label off of a plastic container using acetone. This was the cute little sour cream container that I bought when I made some potatoes a few weeks ago. I planned on taking this container with me to work to store little things like chips or counters or something.

The directions say to use “pure acetone,” of which I had none. I checked my nail polish remover, and it said it contained acetone, so I gave it a try. I held the rag on the container for a bit and then started rubbing. The ink did not come off completely, but the majority of it did. There is still some residue lingering to the point where I do not feel like it is a plain white container. Also, the ink on the lid barely came off at all.

I still plan to use the container, but I feel like it needs some decorating. We’ll see if I can find some future project that involves decorating a reused sour cream container. Pinterest has everything!

Total cost: $0






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