Day 238 – Hook Poster

Fact: Kids struggle to write meaningful stories.

I feel like I have the expertise to make this generalization given the fact that I have been trying to teach kids how to write meaningful stories for 9 years. You can give them strategies, and models and help them revise and edit, but when it comes down to it, it is a struggle. It comes naturally for some kiddos, but there are many more who have quite a hard time. I really liked how this poster gives three ways you can start a story that are out of the traditional “Once Upon a Time” that kids use as default so often. I also liked that this poster included excerpts from real literature so children can see that authors really do use these techniques.

But in spite of all of these great educational things, my absolute favorite part of this poster is that the question mark is in the shape of a hook. You can download that cute font and many others from this site. The one I used is called Captain Hook.


Total cost: $0

p.s. I know that mine is not a “poster” but I plan to staple it to the bulletin board below the writing process signs that I made a few months ago.

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