Day 237 – Plastic Lid Organization

It is an age old problem. in the world do you store your storage containers?
When I was a kid, my mom had this huge cabinet where all of her containers belonged. From time to time, my brother (around 3 years old at the time) would climb inside and play, knocking everything into disarray.  The easy to reach containers were easy to reorganize, but the ones way in the back were a hopeless mess.
Some companies have tried to address the problem by making container caddies that hold lids and all. Other companies make lids that snap onto the bottom of the container. Whatever the method, no one way seems to be the perfect solution.
My organization method up to today was to keep them stacked by shape. Rounds with rounds, squares with squares, glass with glass. I have a wire shelf in that cabinet to allow for even more stacking and it works quite well. The problem was with the lids. I stacked the lids like this:


It worked pretty well, but as you can see, they did not exactly stay put. They were supposed to wedge between the wall and the metal bar from the wire shelf. They were not good rule followers and frequently fell down to the shelf below, getting lost among my pitchers and mixing bowls.
When I saw this simple solution of housing the lids in a cut up cereal box, I thought I would give it a try. I had even just finished a box of cereal yesterday, so I was ready!
Here is what it looks like now:


Much prettier.  I hope it proves to be a good solution to this age old problem.

Total cost: $0


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