Day 233 – Dried Strawberries

Tonight’s project was quite time consuming, but very low maintenance. I cut 5 or 6 strawberries in quarters and baked them for 3 hours at 210 degrees. The recipe said to add salt and pepper onto the strawberries before baking. To me, this sounded gross. I have heard of putting salt and pepper on cantaloupe (which I think is gross with and without salt and pepper) but I have never heard of such a thing with strawberries. I was thinking maybe it was to help it dehydrate faster, so I put salt on a few of the pieces, but left the others alone.

Do not…I repeat…DO NOT put salt on them. They taste quite yucky with salt. The other ones are pretty good. The salt ones are ok, but they did not dehydrate any faster than the others. They are much better without anything added. Some of the bigger pieces did not get totally dried out, but they are still tasty. For as many strawberries as I cut, it seems like I hardly have any now that they are all shriveled up. I am pretty happy with it, but I think I like how things turn out in a food dehydrator better than this method. This project makes me want to try some recipes I have seen for making fruit roll ups. Maybe I will add that to next week’s plan.


Total cost: $1.98 for the whole pack. I only used 5 or 6, so probably $0.68 or so.


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