Day 232 – Italian Cream Soda

I had been in a bit of a Pinterest rut over the past few weeks. I had gotten away from planning ahead and I had been quite busy with life things. That is about to change this week though because I have a plan, and we all know that everything goes better with a plan than when you wing it.

Tonight’s plan was Italian Cream Sodas. The drinks in the picture were so pretty and looked tasty, so I knew I had to give them a try. This weekend I found some vanilla syrup at Ollie’s for just 99 cents, so I couldn’t pass it up. I got the other ingredients tonight and whipped it up. I omitted the whipped cream and cherry to keep costs down, and I really think that the taste is just fine without it.

It has quite an interesting taste. Sort of like regular cream soda, but a little sweeter. The half and half adds an interesting twist. It (obviously) makes the soda creamier. Unfortunately, it did not drip down as beautifully as the one in the original picture. It immediately clouded around as soon as I put it in. I am wondering how it would be if I drizzled it in more slowly. I kind of dunked in quite quickly. Also, the ice adds a big difference. I forgot it at first, but it is much better with it than without.

I would say that this is worth a try if you can find the syrup for a cheap price. The original post said that it was $3.50 at any grocery store. I think I would have been disappointed to spend that much money on it. I am, however, interested in trying this with some other flavors too, so I will be on the look-out for a bargain.


Total cost: $2.83

p.s. I think it will be fun to add this vanilla syrup to other things too, especially Coke. Yum!


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