Day 229 – Orioles Opening Day


I feel that this is a sufficient blog post without any further explanation, but in case you are some sort of crumudgeon who doesn’t like baseball, I will enlighten you.
You see, the Orioles had an unfortunate run of 14 years where they did not have a winning season. We stuck by them, each year at this time thinking “this is definitely going to be ‘the year'” and each year getting discouraged. It was kind of like the movie Groundhog Day, where the same thing kept happening over and over. But it’s not like it is our decision to love or hate The Orioles. It is in our blood. Part of our being.
I mean, you wouldn’t hate your brother just because he keeps failing his algebra test. We didn’t hate the Orioles just because they stunk at playing baseball.

And Then…

We had a winning season! 93 wins! They won a wildcard spot in the playoffs! We had high hopes for the next season, but it is hard to tell what will happen between September and April.

Today was the O’s home opener, but they had already played 3 games in Tampa.  During each of those 3 games, 1st Baseman Chris Davis hit a homerun.
Surely that was a fluke and the streak would not follow him to Baltimore…there’s no way he would go 4 for 4…
But then he did. With bases loaded. And the Orioles won.

Let’s Go O’s!

Total cost: $0


2 thoughts on “Day 229 – Orioles Opening Day

  1. Nice post. The Os are in my blood too. Not in Brandon’s. I am crossing my fingers that the baseball and Os genes have been passed on to the boys from my side of the family.

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