Day 226 – Refilling Swiffer Juice

A Swiffer Wet Jet is good for a quick mop in between deep-down-hands-and-knees-scrubbings. I really like it, but I hate running out of the cleaning juice. I never seem to remember to buy more, and then I get frustrated when I want to use it and I can’t. Well that is no longer a problem because I have found a solution!

The Swiffer people think they’ve got you because you can’t get the cap off so you feel that you must buy more so you can keep on mopping. Well some guy at this website has found a way around that Swiffer Trap. If you heat the cap part of the bottle in boiling water for a few seconds (the website said 10, I found that 30 was more like it) and then call your husband over to unscrew the cap because it is still pretty tight, you can fill it up with your own cleaning solution. I prefer Mr. Clean, but use what you like. Before you put the cap back on, you need to clip off the tabs on the inside of the cap that made it so hard to come off. Then it is just a simple screw cap and you can take it off yourself the next time you need a refill. I tested it out and it works perfectly. I love a good money-saving tip!

Total cost: $0 (I have no idea how much that Mr. Clean cost, but I used such a small amount of it. A few cents worth probably…)


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