Day 223 – Bunny Ear Rings and Fluff Ball Bunnies

Today I had the chance to make some crafts with a group of 6 and 7 year olds, so I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to get a Pinterest project out of the way.

First, we made these super cute rings.

You just need to measure the pipe cleaner around your finger for the right size and twist it once or twice. Then, take one of the long ends and spiral curl it down to the base where the ring part is. Do the same thing for the second long end. Last, you pinch the circles in the middle and voila! A bunny ear ring. The kids thought they were really cute, but they did not really wear them long after they were made. I do suppose it is a bit cumbersome to go about your regular daily activities with a giant spiraled pipe cleaner attached to your hand.

Later, we made these really cute bunnies.

I think they are adorable, but the truth is, I basically made them for each girl. I was the one to make the pom poms because they were too busy playing. Then I had to cut the feet and the ears out of felt because it is hard for kids to cut fabric. I handed them the pieces and they stuck them where they were supposed to go, but then I was the one that had to hot glue them on in the proper spot. I let them gently press things into place, but it is really not a kid-friendly craft.

Total cost: $0 (I had a gift card for the pipe cleaners, little pom poms and wiggle eyes.  Someone else bought the yarn)


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