Bonus Post: Bunny Pear

I know this girl who is allergic to a lot of things, so when her boyfriend said he was going to give her fruit in her Easter basket, I decided to help him spruce it up a bit. A bunny pear is way cuter than a plain old boring pear.

I made the ears with pipe cleaners. First, I cut one white pipe cleaner in half and folded it in the shape of an ear (pretty much just folded the half in half again). Then I put a pink pipe cleaner inside of the white one and cut it to fit. I poked it into the side of the top of the pear, in front of the stem. Then I did the same thing for the other ear.

For the eyes, I knew they had to be glued on, but I did not want to use glue on something that someone was going to eat. Instead of glue, I created a paste using flour and water. I can’t really explain how much flour or water I used, but it was a very thick consistency. Almost like dough. I scooped a bit of it onto my finger and then put it on the back of the wiggle eye. That worked perfectly, so I did the same with the pom pom nose and tail.

Cute Fruit!


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