Day 221 – Origami Bunny

In the spirit of…well…Jesus, because that is why we have Easter…I decided to make an origami bunny. The trouble was that I did not have origami paper, so I used scrapbook paper instead.

The original pin showed how to make bunny garland, but I just wanted to make one. It linked to a video, which at first, I was thinking would be more of a pain in the neck than if they just showed me a diagram. After using the video, I am pleased to say that I think it was much easier to have someone showing me how to do it at the same time I was trying it. There were none of those confusing little arrows and shaded colorings. I never actually folded anything incorrectly on this like I am sure I would have if I was using a diagram. I had to pause it a time or two because I was not quite as fast as the origami guy was, but I managed to end up with a bunny that looked quite a lot like his, just slightly bigger.

Total cost: $0


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