Day 218 – Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Cotton candy is one of those things where you think that it is just for kids, but then you buy it for a kid and secretly try to steal a taste when she is not looking. Then she gets mad that you are eating too much and pulls it away with a scowl when you go in for some more. (Not that that has ever happened to me or anything…)

When I saw a recipe for cotton candy cupcakes, I thought I had better give them a try. I saw a plastic tub of cotton candy at Walmart, and while this is nothing like the kind you get at a fair or the circus, I thought it would serve its purpose in this recipe.

When I opened the page to read the recipe, I was excited to see that it has a Harry Potter connection. Even though there are no “Candy Floss” cupcakes in Harry Potter, the blogger imagined that Honeydukes would sell them. I can get on board with that thinking!

My problem is that I did not feel like these cupcakes tasted very much like cotton candy. I put in the same amount as she did, but mine still tasted like plain vanilla. It was fine, but I would have preferred more of a cotton candy flavor.


Total cost: $2


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