Day 216 – Milk Jug Bunny Basket

Don’t you hate when you pin something, only to click the link that takes you nowhere?

It is your lucky day because I am going to create a tutorial so you can make your very own Milk Jug Bunny Basket. (Cheers at this point are appropriate)

1. Wash out your milk jug. No one wants their Easter candy to smell like sour milk.

2. Freehand draw some ears on the opposite side of the handle. I had mine go as tall as I could until the jug started to bend toward the spout. You can tell from my picture that I struggled to get the second ear the right size. That’s where step 4 comes in.

3. Cut out the ears and head. The best way I can describe the other cutting is to look at the picture. You still want the handle to be intact.

4. I used nail polish remover to wipe off the permanent marker. This was not completely perfect, so if you really don’t want there to be any trace of black marker, then I don’t recommend you use permanent ink.

5. Attach a nose (I used a button) and google eyes. Then draw on some whiskers. You could also add a cotton tail.

6. Add some Easter grass and some treats. Enjoy!

Total cost: $0 for the basket. $2.1 Billion for the candy (which is how much is spent on Easter candy annually)

For this and more fun facts visit this site.


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