Day 214 – Plank Exercises

I love this pin:


I am positive that I look more like the elephant that the human. But I am hoping that the more I practice these plank exercises, the less elephant-like I will be.

Tonight’s Pinterest “project” kicked my butt, but I loved it. Since I skipped the gym today, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little something at home. I love that plank exercises work your entire body, not just one muscle group and they burn more calories than simple crunches. Why wouldn’t you spend your time doing planks instead of crunches? (Maybe because they are HARD!) Since I pretty much hate exercising, I figure it is best to get the most out of your workout by doing whatever burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time. (That is seriously the only reason why I run…because it is the fastest way I have found to knock out calories)

This activity had me starting out on my elbows and I thought “oh this isn’t bad, I’ve got this.” Then it had me on my side, which usually results in me tipping over, but I am proud to say that I was quite stable…until it told me to lift my leg while on my side. I definitely tipped over a few times on that one. By the end it had me off of my elbows and up to straight arms. It even had me lifting my arms out while holding a straight arm. Very tough, but totally worth it. I would like to say that I will keep up with doing this on a regular basis. As of right now, that is my plan…

Total cost: $0


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