Day 212 – Button Bracelet

To begin, I highly recommend you read Day 211 to get the background on these amazing buttons. To follow up yesterday’s post, I got a little more information about how my great grandmother would have ended up with SO many buttons. According to my grandfather, ladies at the time would reuse their old clothing to make quilts and things, so they would cut the buttons off and save them for future use. That gives a good reason for a jillion and a half old buttons accumulating over many many years. 

Today I was able to put some of those buttons to good use. I made a cute little bracelet with some of my favorites. I struggled to find a color scheme that suited my tastes because a lot of the buttons are neutral colors or not my style. I found some that were a brownish gray color and I decided to go with that. It is neutral enough to go with many different outfits and I think I can rock it. I am so excited to wear it tomorrow! 

It took me a little longer to make than I planned because sewing buttons nice and securely takes a bit of time, but I am very happy with how it turned out. 


Total cost: $0


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