Day 210 – Sippy Cup Tether

Another day of Pinteresting junk for other people’s kids.

Today I made a sippy cup tether. I liked the idea because everyone knows how annoying it is when kids drop their stuff over and over again. I can imagine this would be particularly troublesome when driving in the car. So when I saw this sippy cup tether, I thought it was a brilliant idea. You never have to wonder where the cup fell and it should always be within reach.

This was quite simple to make, but I have to say, I don’t love it. I feel that the cord is too short and the length of the whole tether does not seem very long. I would like to see this in action to know if it is actually long enough to reach the child’s mouth with ease. It might, but I am not convinced.

Some lucky pregnant lady that I know may get this, but more as someone to test it out than as an actual gift.

Total cost: $1.60


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