Day 209 – Fancy Burp Cloths

This meme perfectly sums up my life:


Jolie in Glasses and a Scarf

Life seems to go in cycles. Everyone goes off to college. Everyone gets married. Everyone starts having kids. (It is definitely an overstatement to say that everyone is having kids, but that seems to be the next step for a lot of people my age)

At any rate, there are many people in my life who are about to have kids, and that makes for some very fun Pinteresting. The only problem is that my intention is to make things as gifts for certain people, and many of those certain people are reading this blog. So I am going to attempt to be ambiguous about who they are for. Maybe they are for you, maybe they aren’t. (If you are not currently pregnant, the chances are pretty slim that they are for you…sorry).

Today I spruced up some burp cloths and I think they are so incredibly cute. I used flannel, which seems much cozier than cotton. This was a pretty easy project and once I got the hang of it, it went quite quickly.

Total cost: $2.07 per diaper


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