Day 207 – Old Book Pages to Cover a Box

A few weeks ago I found some old books at the Salvation Army. I did not really have a purpose for them, but I knew that I had seen a lot of things on Pinterest using old book pages. Also, I thought they were 50 cents each. I was willing to splurge $2 for some books…and then when I got to the checkout counter, it turns out they were $1 each because they were “old.” I did not want to seem like a cheapskate, so I went with it and paid $4 for 4 books. It was the Salvation Army for goodness sakes…what was I supposed to do?

Since I made some Mod Podge yesterday, I decided to give it a try with some old pages and a large Christmas gift box. The Fake Podge works pretty much as well as the real thing, but I know that it will not dry to the same consistency as real Mod Podge. For that reason, I will probably buy another jar of it, but this works well in a pinch. Also, it washes off of my hands much easier because it is water-based.

I can’t wait for this box to dry because I plan on it holding the mish-mash of magazines that are on the bottom shelf of my coffee table.

Total cost: $1


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