Day 205 – Elephant Handprint

Tonight, I had an impromptu visit with my favorite niece and nephew. I had a bunch of books that I cleared off of my classroom bookshelf that I wanted to give them and it had been a while since we had hung out. They loved every one of the many books I brought and I had some one on one reading fun time with 3-year-old Nick. He said books are his favorite! It is so exciting to see someone so little be excited to read.

When we were done, the three of us played school which ended with Nick wanting me to trace his hand. We made one into the classic turkey, which he thought was hilarious, so he wanted to make another hand into something else. I remembered a pin that I had seen where you could turn it into an elephant. That boy cracked up when he saw his hand transformed into an elephant. I drew a peanut for the elephant to eat, so Nick drew a peanut for the elephant to eat. He also drew the smile and part of the ear. It seems we forgot the tail, but Nick didn’t seem to notice. He was very proud of our art work.

Spending time with those fun kiddos is one of my favorite activities.


Total cost: $0


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