Day 204 – Eggs in a Mason Jar Lid

My class goes to lunch on regular days at 11:00. While that is quite early, my body has gotten very used to eating at this time. Aside from the fact that I am hungry 90% of any day, I get particularly hungry right around 11 and I am glad that it is lunch time.

Unfortunately, during state testing, our lunch is not until 12:20. I have to have a really good breakfast to make it this long, so I decided to make some eggs for breakfast for the rest of the week.

I liked this idea of cooking eggs inside of mason jar lid rings so they fit perfectly on English muffins. I tried it two ways, and I like the opposite way that the people on the pin did it better. Let me explain…

They suggested to put the mason jar ring with the flat part facing upward. I tried putting it so the flat part was facing downward. I sprayed the pan and the rings with cooking spray and poured some whipped eggs into the lids. They stayed nice and contained, but the trouble came when turning them. I ended up scooping them with a spatula and putting them on a plate, even though they weren’t completely cooked. Then I poked at them with a knife to get it out of the ring, and then I was able to flip it and cook the tops. It was not seamless, but the shape looked like what I was going for.

The next round, I tried it the way they showed in the picture: the flat part was facing upward. This proved to be a disaster because the eggs leaked out from under the ring and spread out in the pan. From reading the poster’s blog, it was my understanding that having the flat part of the ring on top would help it come off easier because you could just lift it off. The original poster said they “gently popped the mold off” and cooked the tops a bit longer. In my experience, gently popping was not a possible thing, and I still had to poke at it just as much as before.

Overall, this was an interesting project, but I found it to be more troublesome than just cooking an egg in a pan. I usually whip an egg in a bowl and pour it into a pan and cook it like a pancake. That has worked successfully for me since I was 14 years old, so I think I will most likely stick to that method. But now I am thankful to have a breakfast for the next few days that will help me make it to my 12:20 lunch.



Total cost: 50 cents


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