Day 203 – Folding a Plastic Bag

Ugh…plastic bags.

Do you ever wonder why cashiers at the grocery store feel like you need to have everything in a separate bag? I mean, really, can’t my cereal go in the same bag as my marshmallows? It does not weigh a lot together. The bag will not rip from being overly full. There really is no reason for so many bags!

But as usual, every trip to the store results in an overflow of plastic. I have a cloth plastic bag holder that you shove the bags into until you can’t fit any more. It is useful, but when I saw this pin, I thought it was an interesting change. You fold the bag in half the long way twice and then fold it in a triangular pattern until you just have one little tab left. That little tab can fold into the opening from the triangles and it makes a nice little pouch. It would be great to toss a few of these into the car in case of emergency. They are so compact that you really don’t need a lot of space to hold a lot. It is a very interesting take on an age-old problem.



Total cost: $0

(Stay tuned to a bonus blog about my weekend. I was wearing tennis shoes and got stuck in the snow. Plastic bags around my shoes were almost a necessity for me last night!)


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