Day 196 – Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups

This morning, as a nice little Sunday brunch, I made little bacon wrapped egg cups. I wrapped bacon around the muffin cup and poured in some eggs that I had whipped up with some milk, salt, and pepper. The Pin did not give a specific recipe, so I made it up.

My problem with this recipe mostly lays within the bacon. For one, I don’t think I liked this bacon so much. It was low sodium maple bacon (Hatfield brand). I had a piece that was cooked separately, and I really did not care for it. The other problem was that when it cooked in the muffin cups, the bacon did not really cook to a crisp. It makes sense because it was mostly covered the whole time, but it looked a little raw. So after about 30 minutes in the oven, I scooped the egg and bacon cups out of the muffin tin and set them on a regular tray to cook a little longer. I suppose this helped a bit, but when I took a bite of egg and bacon together, I felt like it was still not cooked enough. I just ate the egg part after that first bite. I also added some cheese on top and that was a nice touch.

I doubt I will make these again, but I am interested in trying this similar version where you use ham instead of bacon.


Total cost: $0.13. I have had the bacon in the freezer for a while, so I really have no idea how much it cost. I also had 3 eggs from my SisterBrother-In-Law’s chickens, so I just needed 1 egg from the ones I just bought.


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