Day 194 – Iron Cleaning

Warning: Read the directions from your iron before doing this. You may regret it if you just jump right in and do what Pinterest tells you!

It would make a pretty good story if I told you how I just blindly followed the Pin and the vinegar ate away at my iron and I had to go out and buy a new one.

But thankfully that did not happen.

It almost did, but I outsmarted Pinterest for once.

My iron has a somewhat non-stick coating on it, so that prompted me to be quite careful about the cleaning method I chose. The iron has recently started to collect a film on the ironing plate, causing it to stick to certain articles of clothing. I figured a good Pinterest idea would surely scrub that stuff right off. I did not want anything that I thought would scratch my coating, so when I found a picture of an iron that looked like it had the same coating as mine, I went with it.

I made a baking soda and water paste and scrubbed it on my iron. Then I tried to steam it out with a vinegar and water mixture that I poured in where the water is supposed to go. I was not having much success with this steaming part. I noticed a “clean” button on my iron, so I thought I would push it and see what happened. It made a lot of steam, but there was still a lot of baking soda gunk stuck in the steam holes. I thought this would come out from the steaming, but it wasn’t happening.

I pulled out the manual to the iron and I learned a very valuable piece of information. It specifically said NOT to use vinegar on the ironing plate. THANKFULLY I did not do that, so we were safe. I also learned the specific steps needed to use the “clean” feature on my iron. I followed those steps (that did not involve a baking soda paste, so it took a little longer) and now I at least have the baking soda bits out of the steam holes.

As for the film…it is better. Probably because I just rubbed it with a warm damp cloth for a while. I could have saved a lot of trouble if I just started off with that.

Oh Pinterest!

Total cost: $0


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