Day 192 – White Chocolate Popcorn and a Painting Tip

I am aiming for this week to be a mostly free Pinterest week, and it has proven to be quite a challenge. I have a lot of ideas that I would love to do that cost money, but I am trying to be frugal. Tonight I stumbled upon this tasty looking popcorn recipe, and I thought I had all of the ingredients. It turns out I did not have M&Ms, but I went for it anyway.

I popped some plain popcorn (Check out this fun popcorn recipe that I found online a long time ago…NOT on Pinterest…don’t tell anyone.) (Also, I bet it is on Pinterest now, but I haven’t searched for it on there), added some melted white chocolate and stirred it up. Then I sprinkled on some salt and some milk chocolate chips instead of M&Ms. I spread it out and let it harden.

IT IS SO GOOD! I might be getting a stomach ache from eating too much of it. The Pin lady made it for gifts, but I think I would have a hard time giving this away. The salt adds the perfect little touch to it. I kind of like the pieces that have less white chocolate, so I recommend starting out with a small amount of white chocolate and adding more if you need to. I kind of wish that I did that, but I am pretty sure that there won’t be any popcorn wasted.

While I was preparing the popcorn recipe, my wonderful husband was out in the shed searching for a piece of wood for me to use on a future project. I needed to paint it (using leftover paint samples), and I was just about to start, when I remembered seeing a pin where you put push pins on the under side of what you are painting so it will stay up off of the table while you are painting. That was the perfect tip for painting this piece, so I gave it a go. I highly recommend it (as long as you don’t mind having holes in the back of your piece).

Total cost: $0 for both


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