Day 190 – Pom Poms on Top of Dry Erase Markers

Kids will fight over anything. Here is a sampling of some of the arguments I have overheard:

1. The corner of your paper is on my desk.

2. He is looking at me too much.

3. It’s NOT cold outside!

4. A race for a certain chair at the group table, which may or may not result in shoving.

5. Shoving the quiet signal in the face of someone who is talking, which results in the shusher getting twisted fingers.

As you can see, kids will find just about anything to argue about. One thing that I am tired of arguing over is the dry erase board erasers I have at my group table. Over the course of my teaching career, I have always had one or two so-called “good” ones, and a bundle of completely passable but less pretty ones. It never fails that if the students are given any possible way to choose their own eraser, it is a fight to the good ones. I pretty much do not allow them to choose their erasers anymore because it is a fight nearly every time.

I am hoping that this method of gluing a pom pom on the cap of the marker will be a fun alternative. This way there is a built-in eraser…which will definitely pave the way for fighting over the pretty colored pom poms…

Total cost: $0


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