Day 188 – Cornstarch to Clear Nail Polish for a Matte Finish

With this dry winter weather, my nails are in terrible shape. I hate to look at them, so why not cover them up with some nail polish.

I got this super-wacky blue color from a kid in my class for Valentine’s Day. I would never ordinarily pick out this color, but now that I have it, I kind of like it. I decided to try the idea of adding cornstarch to clear polish to cut down on the shininess of the regular color. Although I generally like how shiny nails can be with polish, I have been seeing a lot of matte finishes on Pinterest. Why not give a new finish a try while I am giving a wild color a try?

There were no directions, so I made it up. I poured a little clear polish onto an old notepad (I could have used a paper plate, but it was harder to get with wet nails than the notepad.) I also poured a pile of cornstarch on the note pad. Then I dipped the clear nail polish brush in the cornstarch and added some to the puddle of clear polish. I added cornstarch until it was a cloudy color, and gave it a try. I have to say, if you like the matte look, this worked quite well. I might have been able to add a bit more cornstarch for an even mattier effect.

One important note: Since I used the brush that came with the clear nail polish, there was not a great way to get the cornstarch off (ok…also I forgot that it was on there), and it kind of left a swirly white cloud in the clear bottle. I have a ton of clear nail polish, so that one will become my corn starch bottle.

For an extra added effect, since I thought bright blue matte was not eye catching enough, I decided to paint my ring fingers with some pink shimmery sparkles that I found deep in my nail polish basket. I forgot I had that. I think that it is a pretty cute touch if I do say so myself.

(Don’t make fun of the messiness…it will come off my skin soon!)

Total cost: $0


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