Day 186 – Foil as a Dryer Sheet

This was one of those times when I thought I might be getting duped by some crazy Pinteresters who make things up so idiots give them a try and then ruin their things. But being the Pinterester that I am, I couldn’t let this idea go untested. In the interest of being cautious, I decided to try using foil instead of a dryer sheet on a load of towels. That way if anything got ruined, I would not be heartbroken.

As I was reaching into the cabinet for the foil, I started to have second thoughts. This seemed pretty crazy. Dryers have the ability to spontaneously catch fire as it is, and now I am putting a piece of metal in there to flop around? It seemed like quite a spark hazard. I almost did not do it, but then I realized that 1. I would be home and able to monitor it as it is going. 2. It was recommended by Real Simple, who I trust to have tried and true helpful hints. So I wadded up a piece and tossed it in, praying for the best.

One hour later, I am glad to say that there were absolutely no problems here. My towels are perfectly unstatic-y (and with as wintery and dry as it is right now, everything you come in contact with electrocutes you.). I am also glad to say that it did not leave any weird marks on the towels, nor did it come apart in the dryer. It worked out just like I imagined it would. I do not know that I am ready to try it on my clothes, but I will definitely use that same ball of foil on my towels again.

Total cost: $0


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