Day 184 – Horseshoe Crab Bulletin Board

Here is a little known fact about me: I really love horseshoe crabs. I am very fascinated by them. I took a class this summer and we learned a great deal about them. I used to steer clear of them whenever I saw one wash up on the beach. They were creepy looking and surely they were dangerous.


I think these little guys are the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. Seriously. They have been around since before the dinosaurs. Their blood is BLUE. Their blood is used to test for toxins in every batch of human medicine that is made. If the blood congeals, it is considered contaminated and the whole lot needs to be thrown out. I could seriously go on and on about this. Instead of droning on, I will get to the point.

I have acquired a horseshoe crab shell…the leftover shell from after a crab molted. I have it in my classroom, and I have been meaning to make a bulletin board out of it, and now I finally have. I have taken pictures so you can read my facts and learn even more about one of nature’s most misunderstood creatures…




Total cost: $0


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