Day 182 – Stocking Over Vacuum Hose

Best. Tip. Ever.

Ok, it is hard to remember if I have already said that about another tip, but add this one to your must try list.

A long while ago, I dropped an earring behind my night stand. I kept meaning to get it, but I rarely wore those earrings anyway, so I kind of forgot about it. I would remember it here and there and tell myself that I needed to get that, but then I would forget again.

Then I made that really fancy lampshade. Shortly after I took the picture for the blog, I was told it appeared crooked, so I took the top thing off to adjust it. As I was putting it back on, it dropped behind the nightstand too. I was in a hurry, so instead of pulling out the heavy piece of furniture, I took the top thing off of a different lampshade that did not really need it. This new one was slightly different, but it still served the purpose.

So now I had two rather important objects behind my nightstand. I had been meaning to do this pin for a while, but that old memory of mine kept making me forget. Well tonight I remembered and now I have my beloved earring and lampshade holder thing back. As a bonus, I also got a pony tail holder too.

Total cost: $0


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