Day 181 – Purses on a Tension Rod

I love a good space saver. When you think about your house (or office, or classroom), you usually put things lined up along a wall and set on the floor or on shelves. It amazes me how much space there is in little known places. I mean of course, you would not expect to see things piled in every clear space in your house. Those situations are reserved for Hoarders. But I think it is so interesting to find ways to stick things in spaces where you ordinarily would not think you could.

About 1 hour ago I had my not-currently-being-used-purses in a nice fabric lidded box on my closet shelf. It was pretty convenient because I could just pop open the box and grab out whichever one I wanted for that moment. Then I saw this idea to hang my purses from a tension rod in my closet. I hung it from the highest point across the width of my closet. They fit perfectly in the space where they would not have fit without the rod. Now I have an empty fabric box that I can use for a new organization tip at a later date!

I love a good organization tip!

Total cost: $1.04 (including tax). It was in the clearance section of Bed Bath and Beyond. (I also love a good bargain!)


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