Day 180 – Chalkboard Paint

When I first heard about chalkboard paint, I thought about how the possibilities were endless for what you could paint. What a fun idea!
Then I saw it at the hardware store and saw that you got a teeny tiny jar for $20. No thank you.
So when I found a pin for DIY chalkboard paint, I knew I had to give it a try.
Now that I had the opportunity to make my own chalkboard paint, it seemed that I had drawn a blank on what to paint. I wandered the dollar store trying to find something. I didn’t want just anything. I wanted something that would serve a purpose. I really struggled, but I ended up with a metal tray that my niece could use to draw on while she is at my house.
I have to paint a second coat, but here is what I have so far:


I am thinking about painting the sides black too. It might make it look a little more uniform and finished. Thoughts?

Total cost:
$7 for way more paint making possibilities than buying it at the store.


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